“She is a talented and hardworking writer whose commitment to the craft of writing is exemplary…a most excellent work ethic and loads of talent…a wonderful writer…tremendously gifted, reliable, and innovative.”  

---Suzan-Lori Parks

“An important voice in the field at large…open and generous….(her) keenness of mind is coupled with a frequently startling sense of humor, and a thorough understanding of mise en scene.  Her highly developed empathy allows her to negotiate borders, political and esthetic.  A gifted artist…Elaine is positioned to do great things for the theatre.”

---Erik Ehn  

Elaine is a writer who understand how to make room in a script for all the elements of theatre…engrossing story lines…all the elements that engage and stimulate a theatre audience…. Her dialogue is great…authentic and concise. The language of the play is stunningly effective…both poetic and insightful. Elaine is an outstanding playwright.” 

---Kathleen Weiss, Former Artistic Director, 

   Women in View Festival, Canada

   Head of Directing, University of Alberta.